Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our new app, WiFi QR Share is available now!

Sudo Make Me An App is pleased to bring you a brand new app for Android!  Our newest endeavor, WiFi QR Share, is a lightweight utility tool, one of those indispensable apps that you can't believe nobody thought of before.  One click generates a QR code on your phone that your friends and family can scan with Barcode Scanner to connect to your network (or any of your saved networks) quickly and easily without needing to type in the SSID or password.

The app is extremely easy to use for both rooted and unrooted phones (if you don't know which you have, it's probably unrooted).  Rooted phones will fill in your wifi information automatically, while unrooted phones can get your list of networks and then prompt you to fill in the password(s) in order to generate the QR codes.

We've even included the ability to detect when you are wirelessly tethering and allow you to create codes for that, too.  So when you're out and about, you can easily create networks and give the people you're with access quickly and securely.  No more fussing around trying to get wifi devices connected, just scan and go!

Around this time of year, many of us are visiting family that we only see infrequently, so be sure to give them a gift.  The gift of easy wifi.  :)

Happy Holidays from team Sudo Make Me An App!


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